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ADI // Design Index 2020

The ADI Design Index in the new ADI headquarters: in an exhibition that has been long postponed due to the Covid-19 emergency and which will be open until June 20th, the spaces of the ADI Design Museum are home to the 2020 edition of the review of the best Italian design products.

MDFF2020 starts tonight!

MDFF2020 is happening. Despite the troubling situation we’re living in these days, there’s something that can keep us company while lockdowning again at home. The 8th edition of the festival, curated by Silvia Robertazzi and Porzia Bergamasco, is all about Re-Connecting. In the middle of the pandemic, the word Re-connecting is rousing attention and consciousness on life’s and planet’s priorities. The interruption brought by the lockdown led us to consider what’s the essential, rethink about the past to build a present-future more in harmony with Nature and each one of us’s life.  MDFF’s program embraced these thoughts to investigate design approaches and their applications to show how architecture and design can contribute to re-connect, in order to improve human experience. The link between man and nature, the connection with the city, citizens’ real needs, and of course the designer’s work, are some of the topics featured in the movies you’ll be able to see from tonight. More than 40 titles divided under the categories of ARCHITECTURE, ART OF THINKING, DESIGN, FOOD, SUSTAINABILITY, URBAN LIFE. Also …