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The space in between // nendo @ Design Museum Holon

The first large-scale retrospective exhibition by nendo, held over a five month period at the Design Museum Holon, Israel. nendo’s designs begin by exploring and layering existing preconceptions, and then locating the gaps or “spaces” in between these layers to tie together new ideas. The idea behind this method is to gradually broaden the mind of the viewer. No less than 70 works divided into 6 categories of “spaces” were exhibited, with the aim of providing visitors with a first-hand experience of this process.

The exhibition was not to be an open space and neither divided by floor to ceiling walls. Instead it was decided that the pieces are to be displayed using 900mm high wall. This allowed the openness of space while also ensuring a display method to highlight the design perspective of each piece, and maintaining security and safety at the same time. The appearance of the “part of the top” of the pieces appearing and disappearing and the people trying to peak over the wall resembles a “zoo” like experience, which gives a moderate sense of a distance between the people and the pieces.

ph. credits: Takumi Ota
nendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor05_takumi_otanendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor06_takumi_ota nendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor08_takumi_ota nendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor09_takumi_ota nendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor12_takumi_ota nendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor13_takumi_ota nendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor14_takumi_ota nendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor15_takumi_ota nendo_the_space_in_between_ground_floor16_takumi_ota

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