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Soul of Italy // A Tribute from Steve McCurry


// “The best part about Italy is the people. The hospitality of the Italian people is without rival. There is no friendlier place on the planet. Italy has drawn me back more times than I can count. The Italian ethos is based on living life well and to the fullest, and that joy of living remains even in these times. Over the past two months, the Italian spirit has now captured our attention and respect. Throughout this Covid-19 worldwide challenge, Italians have selflessly and heroically dealt with unimaginable tragedy, yet no one doubts that they will triumph over this adversity.

I stand with all the Italian people. You are Always in my heart.”   Steve McCurry

// “Tribute to Italy”. Il fotografo statunitense Steve McCurry rende omaggio al nostro Paese con una serie di fotografie incredibili scattate lungo lo stivale; scatti dell’Italia e di chi la abita, per coglierne lo spirito, le tradizioni e la bellezza. “Vivere bene e pienamente: è questa la filosofia degli italiani. E la gioia di vivere non li ha abbandonati neppure in questo periodo.”


All pictures © Steve McCurry

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